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William Alexander at Uncle Hugo's

Originally posted by unclehugo_edgar at William Alexander at Uncle Hugo's
Sunday, March 17th, 1:00-2:00pm

Twin Cities author Will Alexander won the 2012 National Book Award for Young People's Literature for his first novel, Goblin Secrets. Now Ghoulish Song, the companion volume (the two happen at the same time, in the same city, and involve several of the same characters), is available, and Will is coming in to autograph.

More info about his books on our website:

Book cover: Ghoulish Song

A surprise turns out to be pleasant . . .

Originally posted by unclehugo_edgar at A surprise turns out to be pleasant . . .
I arrived at the store this morning to see a large stack of cartons from UPS.

First I was: What are all these boxes doing here on a Thursday!?!?!

Then I was: Ooh, shiny!

The publisher's signed edition of Captain Vorpatril's Alliance is available now at Uncle Hugo's, and through our website:

Book cover art: Captain Vorpatril"s Alliance by Lois McMaster Bujold

And Lois will be autographing at Uncle Hugo's on Saturday, November 3rd, from 1:00-2:00pm.

Kelly McCullough at Uncle Hugo's

Originally posted by unclehugo_edgar at Kelly McCullough at Uncle Hugo's
Saturday, June 30th, 1:00-2:00pm

Kelly McCullough will be autographing. His newest book is Bared Blade (second in the Fallen Blade fantasy series, expected June 26th).

More info about his books on our website:

Book cover: Bared Blade by Kelly McCullough

Inventory Reduction Sale

Originally posted by unclehugo_edgar at Inventory Reduction Sale
Monday, December 26th - Saturday, December 31st

Free parking in the dentist office lot next door all day Monday 12/26, Friday 12/30, and Saturday 12/31, and after 5pm Tuesday-Thursday.

50% off:
Anything marked 40% off: jigsaw puzzles, selected games, selected books (in our 40% off section)

40% off:
Used CD audio books (used cassette audio books just $5.00)
New and used VHS
Model kits
Music cassettes
Frank Frazetta posters
Underground comix

20% off:
Used hardcovers and trade paperbacks
New art books
New and used game novels
Used true crime books
Used magazines
New magazines over 1 year old
New audio books
Greeting cards
Music CDs

(In-store purchases only - sale prices do not apply to online, mail, or phone orders.)

(Discount card does not apply to sale-priced items)

Anniversary Sale - last three days to save!

Originally posted by unclehugo_edgar at Anniversary Sale - last three days to save!
Now through Sunday, December 11th
Anniversary Sale: Uncle Edgar's turned 31 on December 1st!

  • 10% off everything at both stores (in-store only, not good on mail orders)
  • Sale does not apply to discount cards, gift certificates, or items marked 40% off
  • A discount card saves you more, 10% for the sale plus 10% for the discount

Free parking in the dentist office lot next door all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

More info about the sale on our website:

Digital Beatles

The S word


We've had 2 snowfalls already this month and it's raining today with a chance of snow. Temps have been holding 20 degrees below normal all week. Voice is still iffy. Haven't been on a bike in a week. Sigh. I can ride in the cold, but with my system still recovering and the rain, I'm not hitting the trails today. That's a real shame as I took today and tomorrow off since Kate is out of school. I'm listening to the Mono Beatles collection and catching up on my short story reading. Vista spent all morning updating itself. Maybe it will work as advertised finally. Don't bet on it.

the_feral_cat  and I are going to see Kim Harrison tonight. We were disappointed when she didn't make it here this Spring, so it's nice to have a chance to see her again. I should be able to manage a conversation with my crackly voice tonight.

FallCon 09

Buck and I went to FallCon yesterday at the State Fairgrounds. Brrr! It was cold walking from the lot to the Con. It's the first con we've been to, so it was also a chance to plan for next year. I knew a couple people that were there and one of Buck's co-workers at Target had a booth there. Unfortunately I have some virus that gave me a very sore throat on Saturday and since I was Lead worker at the 'berry that day I was talking quite a bit. The result is I have no voice. I feel like our old cat, Sara, who would meow but nothing came out. I would have liked to have had more discussions with the attendees, but it was pretty hard to get any volume. I did point out that superheroines would have a particulary tough time of it in Minnesota. Those revealing costumes loose something when the heroine has a parka on to keep warm. Mr. Incedible always seemed to be eating. I got some Green Lantern titles from a fellow from Iowa, and a few JLA titles from the Half Price Books booth. Good deals, but I went a touch over budget. I did have a nice time chatting with artist, Mark Sparacio. I picked up some of his work. Sadly, he was out of the Vampirella print. Oh well, there's always next year. Here's his site. It was a fun afternoon and this fanboy had a great time.

Today I still have no voice, it is snowing out and I need to clean the basement.


I Feel Fine

I have found you can't have to many Beatles albums. Eight copies of Rubber Soul and counting.




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